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Evidence of Progress Evaluation Services

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, families who home educate are required by law to submit Evidence of Progress (EOP), sometimes called Proof of Progress (POP), by August 1 of each academic year that your child(ren) is/are homeschooled. 

In alignment with Virginia Home Education Statute, which requires that evidence of progress evaluators hold a master's degree, Sydney holds a Master of Science Degree in Gifted Special Education and she will provide documentation of this qualification with your Evidence of Progress letter.

Lampyridae offers three different Evidence of Progress homeschool evaluation services to help you meet this requirement:

Online Questionnaire

Fee: $30 for first learner; $25 for each additional learner in the same family.

Through a brief online questionnaire, Sydney will evaluate your child's academic progress highlighting their individual strengths, accomplishments, and academic progress. She will then provide, via email, a letter detailing and celebrating your child's growth and learning for the academic year.

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Portfolio Review

Fee: $60 for first learner; $50 for each additional learner in the same family.

To begin the portfolio review process, Sydney will ask you to complete a short form with basic information about your learner(s) and your school division. Then, Sydney will ask you to send, via email, samples of your learner's work from the beginning and the end of the academic year, specifically in math and language arts. You may wish to also send additional samples of work that show progress in other subjects, such as social studies/history, science, foreign languages, and other areas. Sydney will also ask that you briefly describe any significant moments of learning or specific accomplishments that you would like to highlight and celebrate from this homeschool year. To start the process, please fill out the short form linked below!

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Virtual Interview

Fee: $90 for first learner; $75 for each additional learner in the same family. 

The Evidence of Progress Virtual Interview option is great for homeschool learners who may have alternative learning experiences, including following an unschooling home education approach. Your interview will take place over Google Meet and will last approximately 30 minutes. During the interview, Sydney will ask to speak with both the learner directly and the parent/guardian. Sydney will ask what type of learning activities you have completed during this academic year, including those that you are most proud of and from those that your learner benefited the most. 

Sydney will ask questions like, "What books have you enjoyed most this year?" and "What have you learned the most about, and how did you do it?" Sydney is adept at supporting learners who are neurodiverse, gifted, and/or twice-exceptional and focused on a strength-based approach.

Through this process, Sydney's goals are to find out about and focus in on your learner's personal strengths and interests, and enable you to document them in a way that shows academic progress

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